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Death the High Cost of Living - 1993 the flags and vexilloids

Notice Flag of Cameroon on soccer player - minus the yellow star
Death the High Cost of Living - 1993

Death the High Cost of Living was published in April 1993. Written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Christopher Bachalo and Mark Buckingham. In this 'alternative' comic - Death manifests as a human for one day to experience life.

However the image of a graven skull with scythe is replaced and shattered with a hypnotically cute woman.

This paradigm shift of an attractive Death comes from the belief at the end of life - Death appears as a woman whose rich beauty pulls your soul out of your body.

This enchanting and nice version of Death runs into a high school student on the verge of suicide. She is also nefariously pursued by others who dabble in to magic.

Orange Pennant Steamers in the background
Death - Comic Book by Niel Gaiman

Somehow the universe condenses Death into a real girl who recently lost her entire family due to a psychopath.

This not so comical comic book focused on death had the paradoxical effect of causing readers to embrace life.

It is a rich, original story told by an experienced English Storyteller and drawn with a soulful authenticity by a Canadian Artist - Neil Gaiman and Christopher Bachalo respectively.

US flag waving
Death - the High Cost of Living

Notice Yin Yang symbol on surf board in the corner
Sexton says it all - in an communal public address for
everyone who was positively effected by Gaiman back in 1992-1993

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