Thursday, July 20, 2017

Masonic Astrology Alignment Board

The Masonic Drawing Board is an ancient diagram.  It shows that there is a certain kind of divine architecture that fills of the reality of the waking world.

Here the pillars are balanced with the standard letter J and letter B with astrological totems that support the Earthly Sphere and Celestial Sphere.

Likewise as we are born in the communities that are assigned and attached to certain sports and teams beyond our will, we are also assigned to certain totems of the Zodiac, based upon celestial geography.  But note sports and religions associations are based upon Earthly geographic positions.

The lowest and highest points of Earth are set like Yin and Yang.  It was in the Valley of Dead Sea that Judaism arose, likewise it was in the Shadow of Mt. Everest that Hinduism arose.  

Two sources of inspiration were born of these two ancient paths, that opened that birthright cycle of divine guidance to humanity, since Jesus was Jewish and Buddha was Hindu.   The echo of these soulful teachers enabled countless other races of different teams, access to divine sorcery and would further create several thousand more paths.

The baseball and cricket bat and ball remind us that sports like astrology are usually a birthright phenomena.   Whether a man likes gird-iron football or rugby depends on where he was born.  If a certain Scots-Irish man was born in Australia or South Africa, then he would love rugby to the core of his soul.  But if that same Scots-Irish man were born in Texas, then grid-iron football enrapture his heart. The same is true for cricket and baseball lovers.

Likewise if that man was born in Philadelphia as a child, and were to move to Dallas or New England, then that man will always be welcomed back as a Eagles fan. Coincidentally the official baseball is usually white with red stitches, while the cricket ball is red with white stitches.

We are assigned a faith, a zodiac, and sports family based upon a birthright of Earthly geography, just as we are assigned a zodiac totem based upon celestial geography.  People have fun with sports and astrology, as it can warm the heart and bring a sense of community and purpose.  But certainly there are some who take it too seriously, as is the case with faith or any other meaning of life organization, by harshly judging outsiders with condemnation and others who see it differently.    


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pisces and Gemini: Symbol Symmetry of the Twins

The twins of twins make a match.  The twin fish and twin humans have a certain kind of harmony, under the combo of Pisces and Gemini.  Their strokes are similar yet different. 

Geminiisces or Piegeemiini is a double duet. There are many star systems of binary doubles, believe it or not.  The love of the twinning phenomena makes itself apparent as twins appear twice, which of course is a twin thing.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Aries & Taurus: Symbol Symmetry of the Horned Ungulates

The Aries and Taurus symbols go together like salt and pepper, P's and Q's, ketchup and mustard...just pick any Yin and Yang common match up.  Both represent hoofed animals, ungulates, for power and with horns.

Tauries are a real thing, since these signs are right next to each other.  Thus persons born on or near April 20th, or 4/20, get this odd combo dedicated to these wild versions of the Ox and Sheep.  And note their domesticated versions are a part of the Eastern-Chinese Zodiac, as Year of the Sheep and Year of the Ox. 

Coincidentally cows are in second place, is both the Eastern and Western zodiacs.  The Year of the Ox follows in second, following the first Year of the Rat as does Taurus follow in 2nd as the month of the Ox, following the first sign of Aries.  Coincidence?  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Cancer & Aquarius: Symbol Symmetry of H20

The symbols for Cancer and Aquarius harmonize like Yin and Yang.  Reason being, both are made up of repeating twin symbols.  Cancer is a mirror of a six or nine, or rather sixty-nine, while Aquarius is a match of two jagged lines .

Both totems represent the water and are tied to the tides, likewise since today is Moon-day, it is so appropriate. 

The uniting of these icons results in the Aquariancer or Cancequarius symbols. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Capricorn & Leo: Symbol Symmetry of the Beasts

The symbols of Leo and Capricorn are similar due to their unique squiggles.  Both have a circle of sorts.  Additionally Capricorn is an odd sign whose symbol is variable to some degree. There is the 76 version, the cursive N with a loop and then this version with the hooked V, circle and tail.  Which is correct?  Why does the Capricorn get so many variations.  Perhaps there is need to capture the chaos of things?  Capricorn even have several forms from just a plain goat to a sea-goat?

It's the inherent duality of this mysterious mermaid-goat sign.  Also note that the goat is often associated with the dark arts.  But the lion is associated with the Biblical arts.  Even in Narnia the lion is a chosen symbol of God, as well as it is for other nations like the UK, Denmark, Ethiopia and many others.  But the goat is often associated with an anti-Christ. But a goat is still a goat, and goats are more friendly than lions, and give more to society than do lions.  Nonetheless the lion is associated with power and prestige, but most lions see humans as bothersome or lunch.

Union of the squiggly signs with a circle, Caprileo or Leoapricorn.  One is king of the beasts while the other is the beast of the kings.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sagittarius & Libra: Symbol Symmetry of the Objects

Sagittarius and Libra exhibit symbolic symmetry.  It is not obvious but both are man made items.  If you point Sagittarius straight upwards its noticeable, but then it will look like an upside down cross.  Likewise if you tilt the balance on the right then Libra will match Sagittarius. And the many balances often have an arrow indicator.

 Another united symbol of the original form, it is a perfect balance where the indicator points straight up.  Librattarius or Sagittarlibra is united form of these associated symbols.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Scorpio & Virgo - Symbol Symmetry of Male and Female

The symbol for Scorpio  and Virgo are similar.  Both are modified letter M's.  Virgo is pure and wholly on the Northern Side of the Milky Way.  Scorpio is mostly on the Northern side but has a tail that dips into the middle Milky Way.

United back to an original form, Scorpigo or Virgorpio represent a union of Yin and Yang.  Or rather male and female essences.  Or better yet, virginal and experienced quantum states of being.  In this era of mixed up gender identities, this rise of this symbols makes so much sense.