Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Malta EEZ Flag

Malta's EEZ flag is based upon the Naval Jack, which is more distinguished than its national flag.  This international area of the Mediterranean Sea is under the control of Malta's economic engine.

Malta Contigous Zone Flag

Malta Contiguous Zone flag uses the Naval Jack design for its basis, but with Contiguous Colours.

Sudan Exclusive Economic Zone Flag

Sudan has its own EEZ area.  Consequently the EEZ flag of Sudan is based upon its pattern but with EEZ colours.

Sudan Contiguous Zone Flag

Sudan has a small area in the Red Sea that is under its Contiguous Area.

Egypt EEZ Flag

Egypt has relatively small EEZ, nonetheless has region of the world where any nation may pass, yet all economic resources are reserved for Egypt.

Italian Exclusive Economic Zone Flag

Since Italy is tribar flag it get the quartered design for its EEZ. 

Italy Contiguous Zone Flag

Since Italy has a tribar design, it gets the slanted flag with an icon near the canton area.  It is this international region of the world where Italian military forces have authority over all nations.