Monday, March 20, 2017

Flag for the Way-Mid Pole

Since there is now a Center Pole which is aligned with the standard map orientation with East to the right and north towards the up or forwards, we now have an opposite end to the Center Pole: the Way-Mid Pole.

This is the flag for the Way-Mid Pole.  The colours of the flag are white, green and two shades of blue.  The Way-Mid Pole is in the Pacific Ocean directly 90 Degrees east of the East Pole and 90 west of the West Pole.

It is called the Way-Mid Pole because it is not at Midway.  Furthermore from its point of orientation, it is backwards from the East Pole and West Pole.  The West Pole is eastward, while the East Pole is westward.  Bottom line is, that it is the opposite pole of the Center Pole in Little Congo. 

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Flag for the Center Pole

The Center Pole is a natural consequence of having a North, South, East, and West Pole.  Smack dab in the center in between the West Pole and East Pole, it is located in Lesser Congo or Little Congo.  It sits right on the Equator, 90 Degrees eastward from the West Pole.

It is in the region of Kelle, Congo the Lesser.

Image Source - Congo Dirt Road

Equinox Flag for March

March Equinox Flag
The Equinox March Flag shows the Earth in balance between night and day.  The day side is light blue with a full yellow Sun, while the night side is black with a crescent moon and seven stars.  In the center is the Earth in a blue ringed ocean.  The modified Yin and Yang symbol represent the Spring and Summer.  As Spring is starting in the North, Autumn is starting in the South.  The Spring colours are green with an eye of yellow, pink, and red, while the Fall colours are brown with an eye of yellow, orange, and red.

The Equinox is when daytime and nighttime are in nearly perfect balance, which only happens two days out of the year. 

September Equinox Flag
For the September Equinox all one has to do is flip the flag.  Also note that Summer ends in late September!  Culturally in America it ends after Labor Day, but mid-September is still Summer.  Likewise Summer begins in the end of June, but culturally it starts the day after Labor Day, in Late May in the USA.

Fun Flag for Element 93 - Neptunium

Neptunium is the last element named after a place to get a Fun Flag on the this blog.  Like the other Fun Flags named after places, the Fun Neptunium flag gets its design from the persons who were responsible for discovering these elements.  It was a dynamic duo of men; one was from California and the other was from Washington State.

Consequently the California style flag is used, but fused with colours and elements from the flag for Washington State.  Instead of a red bottom stripe, this flag has a bottom stripe the colour of Washington State, which is deep green.  Washington's portrait has been modified.  He is now on a seahorse carrying Neptune's Trident, near the bottom of the sea.  The pose and likeness of this flag was taken from the designs of Washington on horseback from the supposed handkerchief of Washington ordered at John Hewson's calico print shop in 1776.   Thus the flag of the Fun Neptunium flag fuses the overall design of the California State flag, Washington State flag and a historical artifact from 1776.

Neptunium's primary father from California was Edwin McMillan and the other dad was Philip H. Abelson from Tacoma, Washington.  Note that Neptunium was discovered before the Great War with Ninjas and Nazis, as it was 'officially' discovered in 1940.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Trollstice Banners and Scepter from the Movie Trolls - 2016

Vexilloids make an appearance in Dreamworks 2016 movie, Trolls.  During the celebration of Trollstice by the Bergens, a Bib Banner can be seen declaring the Trollstice Holiday.  The bib banner is green and yellow.

Along the route to the King's Castle, Troll skull banners can be seen.  They have an imprint of the a troll-head forked on a skewer.  Underneath in the compartment is a sinister knife, dexter fork, and sinister spoon in yellow.   The standard crossed-saltire eyes on a troll head indicate it is ready to eat and no longer living.

The master of ceremonies for Trollstice is the King's Chef.  Here, she is holding the Trollstice Scepter.  It has a long white handle and golden Troll head skewered on a fork for its finial.  Trolls are usually mean spirited beings who love mischief and making trouble.  But trolls in this movie are positive super happy sparkly sprites of joy. 

Here is a close up of the Trollstice Scepter Finial.  This design is also seen on the green banners on the path to the castle.  The golden finial is pointing towards the Bergen Prince on the shoulder of the Bergen King.  The Prince is about to get his first taste of happiness. 

Bergens think that happiness can only be found by eating Trolls.  They are obsessed with finding happiness outside of themselves, and have forgotten the path to inner happiness.

Trolls 2016 is a fantastic fast paced, peachy sweet and silly film, that the senses can devour.  This is how the recently no so funny and bizarre Smurf movies should have went, but it was the Trolls that tapped that sweet silly spot of noodly nostalgia, balanced with a modern mix.  This movie is a colourful classic for a whole happy fun loving family.

Composite Semaphore Flag for the Letter Z - Zulu

The Composite Semaphore Flag for Zulu has an indigo background, because Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet.  Reason being, 6 is coded to indigo and the ones digit value of a letter sets the colour.  As a reminder indigo (navy blue) is the sixth colour of the spectrum.  Also the stars represent the right-starboard arm of the Semaphore Signaler. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Composite Semaphore Flag for the Letter Y - Yankee

The Composite Semaphore Flag for Yankee has a blue background, because Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet.  Reason being, 5 is coded to blue and the ones digit value of a letter sets the colour.  As a reminder blue is the fifth colour of the spectrum.  Also the stars represent the right-starboard arm of the Semaphore Signaler.